Download Raquel’s Large Labia Video Here

my long labia Download Raquels Large Labia Video Here

We’re proud to introduce our first large labia video from our lovely model Raquel and I’d love you to let me know what you think of it in the comments. First Raquel stood in front of me with her panties on, then she pulled up her panties in the front to show off her bulging pussy lip camel toe. Then she lifted her leg up on my dining room table and showed me how far her large labia dangles. She reached around from behind and showed me how far she can pull them… pretty impressive. Then she sat on the dining table and spread her legs, and opened her lips to show what her entire pussy looks like. Needless to say it was pretty amazing, and I found myself quite turned on the whole time. She was talking about how she really needed to piss, and she said it would really turn her on if I filmed her peeing. Please take a moment to download the video below.  If you’re a true large labia connoisseur, you will won’t be disappointed.  It’s 19 minutes of pure labia dangling, labia pulling action.

The video is available for download here:

Download Raquel’s 19 Minute HD Video Buy Tokens Here


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Big Clit Blonde Has Convulsing Orgasms With Dildo

All I have to say is “wow”. I wish every woman could do this. Look at this spectacular woman with a big clit having convulsing orgasms one after another. She just keeps going and going, orgasm after orgasm. She really puts her dildo to good use! It appears to have been designed specifically for a big clit like hers.

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Lovely new large labia model…

I came across this beautiful young lady today and just had to show you. She easily has one of the most luscious large labia I’ve personally come across. Question is, does she know how mesmerizing we find her perfect pussy? Check out how full her pussy lips are, too. Wouldn’t you just love to put your head between her legs and suck on her giant labia while she’s bending over?

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Kacey Jordan squats and dangles her large labia over bathtub…

I was surfing along today and found this absolutely stunning blonde girl who just happened to have a truly incredible large labia. Not only is her body perfectly photogenic, but I think she knows exactly how to tease a large labia lover by danging her huge pussy lips over a bathtub and pissing. My buddy BMB had the joy of shooting this model, and I’m thoroughly envious. How would you like to be sitting on the floor of that bathroom with those luscious pussy lips danging over you? Wouldn’t you just love to reach up and suck on them? Maybe flick them back and forth a little? What a lovely lady.

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Nudes-A-Poppin Flashing Large Labia

There’s few things that turn me on more than when a woman flashes her large labia at you. Take for instance at this Nudes-A-Poppin festival, where one of the extremely sexy strippers wants everyone to know just how edible her big pussy lips are by lifting her leg as high as she can. I personally love how they come together to form a point… I can only dream about how they look when she’s peeing. I’d be game to go to a Nudes-A-Poppin event just to scout some unsuspecting extremely large labias!

nudes a poppin large labia Nudes A Poppin Flashing Large Labia

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Big Pussy Lips: Watch this girl with big pussy lips pee…

Here’s a great video of a girl with big pussy lips peeing. Watch her pulling off her panties while squatting right before she lets go of that hot stream of piss. Notice how her big pussy lips open up as she starts peeing into the toilet. I can’t get enough of the way she wipes from behind, pulling her large labia back towards her ass. I wonder if she has trouble keeping that perfect enormous labia inside her tight panties?

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Watch her show off her perfect large labia teen taco…

Don’t you love it when teen girls want to know if their large labia pussy lips are normal?  This one is particularly proud of them but is not entirely sure if it’s normal to have such large labia.  Not only is it perfectly normal, and perfectly healthy… it’s highly desirable.  This is almost as perfect as pussy taco’s come… So perfectly symmetrical.  I give this one a 10/10 on the large labia scale.  What are your thoughts?

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Amateur strokes large clit boner to orgasm…

It’s a rare and spectacular occurrence when you find a chick with such a large clit, when she’s so turned on watching porn that she pulls out her monster clit and strokes her she-shaft.  She pulls back the hood of her clit, which is more like a foreskin, and she goes to town pinching the massive head of her clit between her thumb and her index finger.  The head of her clitoris is absolutely ginormous.  I was half expecting her to shoot her load all over the place when she finally came.  So the question is, would you go down on her?

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Watch this amateur pinch and pull on her big clit…

If you’re a huge clit connoisseur like we are, you’ll recognize how extremely rare it is to find a woman with such a well developed clit.  It’s almost jaw-dropping how massive the thumb-sized clitoris this amateur model has between her legs.  Oh, and let’s not forget about those incredible dangling pussy lips she’s got, too.  She really puts on a show by pinching and pulling on it, and near the end it when she pulls her big clit up towards her stomach, it looks like she’s trying to pee and squirt.  I find it really interesting how closely it resembles a small cock.  I wonder if she enjoys oral sex?  Hmm…

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Honey Gives Some Large Labia Pussy Lip Service

Here’s Honey’s second shoot where she did some more pulling on her large inner labia lips for the camera.  You know she loves to be a tease like that.  It’s hard to see a woman doing that right in front of you and not be tempted to suck on her lovely meat curtains.  Do you think she has any idea how much of a major turn-on her pussy lips are to guys?

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